Programme in the Installation Hall TANTRA

Performances full of ecstasy at Sloverotika 2023 – Extasia

The Fruitful Garden of Pure Eros

Joy has so many forms of expression: the sparkle in the eyes, the laughter, the dance, the erotic fusion of woman and man who are in love. Joy is one of life’s great lessons, even though it seems so attainable. In the first years of our existence we bathe in its golden cascade.

The show reconnects us with this wellspring of the soul, suggesting that the True Source is even more enigmatic than the human heart. It is the Cosmic Heart itself, from which all Creation springs. But on our path to deep knowledge and genuine love we face our own limitations, our own fears.

In the metaphor proposed by the show, an archaic community seems to live outside of time, in an Edenic world. But trials do not take long to arrive…

The Great Rebirth in Sacred Love

What if you could find the golden formula of the happy couple? What if you learned how to keep love at the intensity at which each kiss has the flavor and the thrill of the moment you first kissed?

The lovers in the Extasia show are at an impasse. But something happens, someone makes an appearance and what was invisible becomes visible, what seemed impossible becomes possible.

An ordinary place becomes a true abode of great mysteries. And you are now standing at the door. Do you want to come in?


What’s life like? As you see it, as you are, or as you love?

The show Burlesque depicts such a story where things are not what they seem. And the guide is embodied by a diva, a true initiatress for whom the game between the feminine and the masculine is always played out on a cosmic scale.

The women she meets discover and travel with her through universes of poetry, fantasy and dreamlike beauty. And it all begins in a frothy, playful world, where humour, innocence and unabashed sensuality all throb charmingly.

Eros revealed by the benevolent Gods

If you want to travel back in time, you don’t need a time machine. Extasia is here with a story that takes you to ancient Egypt. And it gives you access to the privileged moment when the Gods respond to our sublime desires.

Provocative, full of the poetry of voluptuousness and the voluptuousness of poetry, prophetic and revelatory. A show like you’ve long dreamed of, a show like only Extasia could imagine.

The Blossoming of Pure Love

Forget everything you thought you knew about the life of a Samurai.

More valuable than the art of war is the art of love. More powerful than any weapon is love. More glorious than any victory is the encounter with the woman-poet, the woman-teacher.

Extasia recreates for you the irresistible magic of an initiation into timeless erotic secrets. Come to see, come to feel, come to bloom!

The Odyssey of Light

It is an erotic conceptualisation of the embodied spirituality imbued with the mystical fragrance of the Middle East with its incomparable passion for the Divine in which the dancers seek to join the choreography of the cosmos by dancing to its rhythm.

The ascending, whirling spiral recreated through movement in their very being unites their heart with the heart of the Supreme in the most sacred act of love in which the lover, the beloved and love itself become inseparably one.

Pygmalion – Art and Love, the symbiosis of Beauty

Whose heart is actually of stone? And how could it be brought back to life?

The story will twist you; it will astound you; it will make you wish it would never end.

It’s the story of Pygmalion, the sculptor in love with his own statue – an unclassifiable spectacle in which mystical eroticism and shimmering beauty become revelation.

If you’re longing for such bliss and splendour, come along, you’re in for a memorable experience.

Ancient nomadic soul

Once upon a time, in a world that still exists somewhere, there lived a nation that loved Fire – the fire of joy, of pure Eros, of alchemy – and that revered the mystery of matter as the chosen vessel of spirit.

The Extasia performance invites you into this mysterious reality where archetypes are alive and where the present is eternal. It is a reality that we can enter at any time, but only with the eyes of our heart and the insight of our wisdom.

The archetypal wedding ritual of the two lovers is a celebration of pure eros, love and sublime passion, which is also integrated into the rite of coming-of-age. And it all takes place in the alchemical furnace of a cosmic ritual, where performers and spectators experience together the great mystery of the union of Heaven and Earth.